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Costsfreefreefreefreeon requeston request
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Time Time Duration of the presentation3 min.20 min.3 / 20 min.20 min.unlimitedunlimited
Size Maximum width and hight of the presentation1200 pixel1200 pixel1200 pixel999 pixel1200 pixelunlimited
On-screen keyboard Using Oamos without keyboardnononononoyes
Automated mode Modifiable playlist for automated modenonononoyesyes
Display titles and linksyesyesyesnoyesyes

Choice of templates Choice of templates you likenonononoyesyes
Choice of chronology Choice of chronology you likenonononoyesyes
Choice of search engines Choice of search engines you likenonononoyesyes
Modifiable mode Tools for modifying the running presentationnoyesnonoyesyes
News ticker nonononoyesyes
Webcams Show up-to-date webcam tmagesnonononoyesyes

Choice of name Choice of a name for the applicationOamosOamosOamosOamosfree choicefree choice
Choice of icons Choice of icons for the applicationOamosOamosOamosOamosfree choicefree choice
Customized skin Customize colors and fonts as you likenonononoyesyes
Customized templates Design the templates as you likenonononoyesyes


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